House for rent sale in Afandou – Rhodes – Greece

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Εμμανουήλ Χρύσης Ενοικιάζεται στ’ Αφάντου της Ρόδου μονοκατοικία ισόγεια 73,8 τ.μ. με δύο (2) υπνοδωμάτια, ισόγεια, ανακαινισμένη, με δική της ταράτσα, εξωτερική σκάλα, αυλή, βεράντα, αποθήκη, κουζίνα, λουτρό, ηλεκτρικό θερμοσίφωνα 60 λίτρων σε ήσυχη γειτονιά εντός οικισμού, πλησίων κεντρικού δρόμου, 10′ περίπου από τη θάλασσα.

Κατάλληλη για στρατιωτικούς και ζευγάρια, φοιτητές, σπουδαστές, εργένηδες, δημοσίους υπαλλήλους, συνταξιούχους!
Πληροφορίες: Τηλ.: 2241066304, 6946283008, 2241405103, 6944844682

We would like to inform you that there is a house for rent or sale in Afandou, about 34 years old, with its own terrace and mountain and town view. It is sold for 100.000€. It is about 2km away from Afandou beach (east coast) and inside Afandou town, close to the main street, close to restaurants, hotels and gym.
We advise you to keep reminding us about your interest.

Best regards,

Emmanuel Chrysis
Real Estate Agent
ISTOS Ktimatomesitiki
6 Dim. Glinou
851 00 Rhodes
Tel. & Fax: (+30) 2241066304
Business phone: (+30) 2241362506
Mobile: (+30) 6946283008
Skype: manos888
Facebook: Εμμανουήλ Χρύσης


~ Nothing is too small to God.In His eyes a small sparrow has a greater
value than a beautiful palace, one kind word has a greater meaning than
one eloquent speech of the greatest statesman. ~

Please think about the environment before you print this message.

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2 Σχόλια

  1. Paul Hannah

     /  29/09/2010

    Please can you email me some details of the house in Afandou? We are considering property in the area of Afandou.

    Thank you

    Paul Hannah

    Μου αρέσει!

    • The house is on the ground floor, in Afandou town, near the main road, 73,8 m2, with two bedrooms, a kitchen with new cupboards, front yard, living room, redecorated with new floor all over. It is located in a very quiet neighboorhood. One of the two bedrooms has a big cupboard that fits in the whole wall. It has water and electricity, hot water. It has also a small room that can be used as a small kitchen. It has also a small balcony.

      Μου αρέσει!



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